Missoula Montana Airport
Landing Fees

Landing Fees

Effective Date

Effective November 1, 2021, the Missoula Montana Airport (“MSO”) has authorized Vector Airport Systems, LLC (“Vector”) to begin billing and collecting General Aviation (“GA”) landing fees for GA operations on our behalf.


The Landing Fees will be assessed at the time of arrival and billed by Vector at the following rates for Fiscal Year 2022:

*Landing Fee = $2.48 per 1000 pounds Maximum Certificated Landed Weight (MLW)

            -This rate is subject to change on an annual basis

The Airport will waive Landing Fees for:

*Based aircraft - planes registered in Missoula County with the FAA registry

*Any aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds

Billing & Payment Information

Payment Options:

*Credit Cards Accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are acceptable forms of payment. There is a service provider processing fee of 3% of the total amount paid. This surcharge fee goes directly to the 3rd party credit card processor, not to Vector.

-Vector does not keep credit card information on file and does not accept credit card information via email or fax.

*Checks: Mail checks to the remittance address shown in the upper left corner of any Vector invoice. Checks MUST include the Invoice Number or Operator ID.

-Please make sure your payment is mailed to the airport payment address shown on the invoice.

*ACH/Wire Payments: Please email billing@vector-us.com for banking details. Remittance information should also be sent to this email address.

*Cash is not accepted, nor can cash or check be directly paid to the Missoula Airport

Payments & Account Management

Vector Customer Portal (Website):

The Vector Customer Portal is a self-service payment portal that allows aircraft operators to manage their accounts and may be accessed by visiting:


To log-into the portal, please use the operator ID and invoice number shown on the Vector invoice.

Account Management Features:

(1) Update contact information

(2) Process credit card payments

(3) View account history

(4) Enroll in electronic invoicing

(5) Request copies or retrieve account statements and invoices

Contact Vector

For billing information and to access the Vector Customer Portal, please visit:


- or contact Vector’s billing service team by email at: billing@vector-us.com

- or by phone at (888) 588-0028 Option 01 or X700

Vector’s office hours are Monday – Friday, 9AM ET – 5PM ET with most federal holidays observed, as well as Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Authorization to Bill

To view Vector’s Authorization to Bill, click here.

If there are any further questions, please feel free to call the Airport Administration at (406) 728-4381.

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