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Arrivals for 07/28/2015
City Airline Flight Status Gate Expected Time
Denver3643ON TIME9:58 AM
Chicago-O`Hare3669ON TIME11:54 AM
Denver5535ON TIME12:11 PM
Salt Lake City4632ON TIME112:34 PM
Seattle2348ON TIME512:45 PM
San Francisco6289ON TIME1:20 PM
Minneapolis1776ON TIME31:29 PM
Portland, OR2575ON TIME53:15 PM
Departures for 07/28/2015
City Airline Flight Status Gate Expected Time
Minneapolis1782ON TIME35:45 AM
Salt Lake City2632ON TIME16:25 AM
Seattle2341ON TIME56:50 AM
Denver3639ON TIME26:57 AM
Denver6504ON TIME28:31 AM
Denver3672ON TIME210:33 AM
Chicago-O`Hare3643ON TIME212:29 PM
Denver5490ON TIME212:41 PM
Salt Lake City4632ON TIME11:00 PM
Seattle2743ON TIME51:15 PM
San Francisco6282ON TIME21:55 PM
Minneapolis1776ON TIME32:35 PM
Portland, OR2630ON TIME53:45 PM

Airline Information

Alaska 1-800-252-7522
Allegiant 1-702-505-8888
Delta 1-800-221-1212
Frontier 1-800-432-1359
United 1-800-864-8331