Fixed Base Operators/Charter/Flight School

Minuteman Jet Center
Phone: (406) 728-9363
Unicom: 122.95MHz
Fuel: AV100LL, Jet A, Jet A w/ additive
Services: Minuteman is an Exxon Mobil Avitat fuel provider and is open 24 hours a day. The FBO is located on the north side of the airport, west of the Missoula air traffic control tower. Minuteman is accessible via the terminal ramp or taxiway Golf. Minuteman offers tie-downs and heated hangers capable of accommodating aircraft up to a Gulfstream 4 or a Canadair Regional Jet. Jet A and AV100LL is available, as well as oxygen servicing, aircraft deicing, flight training, aircraft rental, and maintenance.

Northstar Jet
Phone: (406) 721-8886
Unicom: 123.30MHz
Fuel: AV100LL, Jet A, Jet A w/ additive
Services: Northstar is a Phillips 66 fuel provider and is open 24 hours a day. The FBO is located on the east side of the airport just off the approach end of Runway 25, and is also accessible from Taxiways Alpha and Delta. Northstar provides ample ramp space for tie-downs, as well as heated hanger space capable of accommodating a Bombardier Global Express. Jet A and AV100LL is available. Additional services include oxygen service, aircraft deicing, flight training and aircraft rental, and maintenance.

Neptune Aviation Services
Phone: (406) 542-0606
Neptune Aviation is the most reliable and innovative aerial firefighting company in the nation. As the primary provider of large airtanker services to the United States Forest Service for more than 21 years, Neptune Aviation has proven to be an invaluable partner. Neptune Aviation employs a proficient cadre of A&P mechanics, FAA certificated repairmen and pilots who meticulously maintain and operate a diverse fleet of firefighting aircraft including 4 BAe 146 and 6 P2V Neptune airtankers. Unwavering in our commitment to recurrent training and quality assurance, and adhering to the most stringent safety standards in the industry, Neptune Aviation is proud to serve our nation’s ground wildfire crews as the undisputed leader in the aerial firefighting industry.