The Airport Master Plan

The Missoula County Airport Authority has prepared a Master Plan Update for the Missoula International Airport. The Master Plan entails a series of planning steps that analyze how future aviation demand can best be accommodated within a 20-year outlook, including a graphical representation of the findings. The planning period of this Master Plan spans from 2008 to 2028. The goal of the Master Plan is to provide solutions that satisfy the expected future needs of an airport in a financially feasible manner, while accounting for the surrounding community, local environment, and socioeconomic factors.

The files listed below include all chapters of the Terminal and Airport Master Plan in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these documents. If your web browser does not include Adobe Reader, you can download it for free by visiting the Adobe website.

Terminal Master Plan

Terminal Master Plan Part A (33MB)

Terminal Master Plan Part B (50MB)

Airport Master Plan

Download Table of Contents (111KB)

Introduction – Overview and Executive Summary
This section includes the Master Plan Overview, Public Involvement, Objectives, Master Plan Update Findings, and Airport Improvements since the 1996 Master Plan Update.

Download Introduction (9.90MB)

Ch. 1 – Aviation Forecast
This forecast is the first comprehensive airport-sponsored projection of aviation activity at Missoula International Airport since the 1996 Airport Master Plan. It was prepared in April of 2008, using the most current data available, including socio-economic data, airline schedules, aircraft fleets and acquisition plans, and route plans.

Download Chapter 1 (1.30MB)

Ch. 2 – Airfield Demand Capacity & Requirements

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 139, Airport Certification, governs the certification and operation of federally funded airports served by air carrier aircraft, such as Missoula International Airport.

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Ch. 3 – Terminal Demand Capacity & Requirements
This chapter analyzes passenger terminal needs at MSO through 2028. The existing terminal has been expanded several times since its construction in 1958, most recently in 2007 to accommodate security improvements.

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Ch. 4 – Airfield Alternatives
This chapter identifies and evaluates feasible airport development alternatives that allow Missoula International Airport to accommodate projected aviation demand through 2028. This chapter identifies various alternatives.

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Ch. 5 – Terminal Alternatives

The terminal complex defines a major land use for the airport, and is the image most people associate with Missoula International Airport. As discussed in Chapter 3, the current building has been expanded several times. This chapter will discuss alternate locations and terminal concepts.

Download Chapter 5 – Pt 1 (16.2MB)

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Ch. 6 – ALP Narrative and ALP Set
The Missoula International Airport Master Plan Update has evolved through the analysis in previous chapters, associated efforts such as the Study Resource Committee meetings, Public Outreach meetings, and discussions with the Missoula  County Airport Authority.

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Ch. 7 Non-Aviation Development

This chapter describes the existing airport property and future opportunities for aviation improvements, and then summarizes existing area plans that discuss development of a business park in the general area of the airport.

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Appendix Inserts (20.4KB)

A – Public Outreach (6.49MB)

B – Long Term Sketch (106MB)   1   2  3   4  5   6  7   8   9  10   11

C – Landside Master Plan Study (3.12MB)

D – Pavement Condition Evaluation (24.7MB)  1   2

E –

F – Environmental Overview (48KB)

G – Non-aviation Development Plan (7.38MB)

H – FAA Approval Letter (13.3KB)

I – Survey Results (691KB)