Missoula International Airport

5225 Highway 10 West
Missoula, Montana 59808

Business Opportunities


The Missoula International Airport serves over 575,000 travelers and thousands of visitors every year.  We offer a myriad of opportunities to build awareness of your products or services.   

*  Light boxes in baggage claim and terminal hallways  
*  Video monitor, with sound,  in the baggage claim area   
*  Courtesy Phone Board - backlit ad and preprogrammed phone to your preferred location   
*  Display Cases - main Terminal area and Upper Level Departure areas   
*  Special Dynamic Display Opportunities - to fit your business needs   
Brochure & Magazine Distribution   
*  Event Sponsorships   
*  Holiday Sponsorships  
*  Community Partnership Tie-ins  
*  Artist Opportunities  
*  Website banners and links  
*  Space for lease: join our other satisfied tenants and fulfill your business needs.  Amenable terms.

For more information and to have a program tailored to your needs, email or call: 406.532.8659.  


"I'm a believer in advertising at the
 Missoula International Airport." -
     Flannery Anderson, Sotto Voce Boutique

"I opened my Boutique's doors one morning to a woman from Spokane.  She had seen my Airport display two weeksprior when she was in Missoula on business.  She flew back to Missoula just to shop at my store.  She was getting married and wanted to purchase my clothing for her trousseau."

Flannery's boutique, Sotto Voce, is located next to the Wilma Theatre on Higgins St. in downtown Missoula.



Thank youSome serious cash was spent..."
       Kim Lugthart, Trippons, Missoula

"We've had merchants using Trippons provide anecdotes about customers who are visiting Missoula and come in their shops specifically due to having seen Trippons information on the Airport Visitors Information Center desk.  And some serious cash was spent......"

Trippons.com provides business owners the opportunity to use the latest technologies to attract new customers and for all customers to access the best deals.